Speaking to the

Next Generation



You’re looking for a stand out speaker who can actually connect with youth & young adults…

that’s just what I’m made for.

Alex Street is a top professional speaker, not just in terms of speaking skill but in terms of content. As a former board member of the National Speakers Association in Canada, speaker to over 3 million people myself, opening routinely for people like Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk and others I can say he’s someone to keep note of. He’s funny, creative and delivers every time I’ve heard him.
— Gerry Robert, bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

What to expect from me:

With a deep respect for the platform and the audience I can engage the crowd in a fresh way using dramatic storytelling, object-lessons, conversation, and a ton of joyful energy.

I enjoy working closely with the organizers to make their event a complete success. I'm there to help your event succeed.


Speaking Topics:

My speaking topics can be tailored to fit your event. Sharing my own stories of doubt, death, and distraction, I typically also speak about confidence, purpose, faith, and leadership.


What people are saying... 

"He is an engaging speaker who not only communicates clearly, but helps his audience to engage in tangible ways."

Melanie Wigg, BIC Canada, FLOW Internship

"Alex has the incredible gift of making connections through his teaching that really hit home and stick with his audience."

Nat Evans, Creekside Community Church

"He is always well-received and the students remember his message!"

Lindsay Hoover, Wesley Christian Academy

"It is often difficult to get a speaker who appeals to more than one age demographic. Alex delivered in spades!"

Alex on stage at Today's Teens Conference

Warwick Cooper, The Peoples Church

"Alex's workshops have always been informative and engaging and well received by all who attend." 

Paul Robertson, Youth Unlimited GTA (YFC) 

"Alex has a dramatic charisma, style, and clarity that draws you into the message."

Jay Sandiford, Willow Creek Baptist Church

"Even into the latter weeks of the summer, staff have been referencing his challenge to find out what we are made for."

Dan Lowrie, Willow Springs Camp