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Helping you discover and do what you’re made for.

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So, you’re looking for clarity on what your next step is.

You want a Coach who will actually make a difference in your life.

The pressure is on, you feel like you get one shot at this decision.

I get it, I’ve been there.

With my help, we can help you move from confused to confident and change your life

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As a life coach:

Alex will help you find the confidence you desire. As your remote mentor, Alex sparks inspiring conversation helping you find clarity and take a real next step to begin doing what you’re made for.


Every time I would start talking about how challenging my situation was Alex would pull me back in and ask what I’m actually going to do next.

- Timmy Bender, coaching client, age 23 -


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As a speaker:

Alex uses drama, storytelling, humor, and his personal journey through death, doubt, and distraction to connect with the next generation and make each moment memorable.


Alex Street is a top professional speaker, not just in terms of speaking skill but in terms of content. He’s funny, creative and delivers every time I’ve heard him.

- Gerry Robert, bestselling author, The Millionaire Mindset -


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As a podcast host:

Alex introduces you to fascinating people. Subscribe to Made For This and get a tasty dose of fresh stories each week from people discovering and doing what they’re made for.


Every episode encourages me and challenges me to do something to improve myself and to grab life by the horns and go after my dreams!

- Sargeypoo, Apple Podcasts 5-star review -


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