Life Coaching

with Alex



 You are made to live with adventure, purpose, and love.

You are made to have a meaningful impact in this world.

It's time you begin to do what you're made for! 

Unfortunately, you find yourself here;

stuck in a life with little movement,

paying attention to things that don't matter,

driving ahead with passionless motivation,

waking up with no emotional energy.

You feel like you aren’t living up to expectations (from yourself and those around you),

and you feel like you’re wasting your days away.

The good news is, you don’t need to waste another moment!

With a 6-session coaching plan

I will help you discover your strengths, skills, and passions already within, and I will guide you to begin to bring meaningful work to this world.

Simply put, for the first time in years you will understand what needs to be done

and you will feel prepared to take a step in the right direction.


Career Discernment

We will work through the process of discovering who you are and put it all together so you can begin the meaningful work you are made to do.

You will move on from here with a clear direction and practical tips to finally do what you’re made for.

Session 1 - MADE for what?

Session 2 - Discover your Strengths

Session 3 - Discover your Skills

Session 4 - Discover your Passions

Session 5 - Put it Together

Session 6 - Choose a Direction

  • 60-minute Skype sessions

  • Session-Prep worksheets provided

  • $525 / total package


Goal Setting

We will look at what you believe is the best option of you in the five most significant areas of life.

As you decide what your BOOM is in each area, I help you set goals and keep you on track so you can confidently say, “This is the best option of me!”

Session 1 - BOOM Health

Session 2 - BOOM Fun

Session 3 - BOOM Family

Session 4 - BOOM Friends

Session 5 - BOOM Work

Session 6 - Best Opportunities

  • 60-minute Skype sessions

  • Session-Prep worksheets provided

  • $525 / total package

What people are saying about Coaching with Alex:

Alex created a judge free vulnerable space, which made it really easy to feel trust and a instant bond.
— Aidan, 20
Every time I would start talking about how challenging my situation was Alex would pull me back in and ask what I’m actually going to do next.
— Timmy, 21
Alex was great at interjecting questions at key moments to get me to think critically.
— Evan, 25
Alex asked the right questions, helping me realize I already knew how to work through what I wanted to.
— Ryan, 21

Now, I’m going to assume you have two questions:

What is life coaching? and How much does it cost?

What is Life Coaching?

Imagine having a mentor call you up every week to help you focus on the future and set/reach new goals.

Imagine having someone listen to you, believe in you, and challenge you to finally make some changes in your life.

Imagine someone who understands your stress & anxiety, and can guide you through it.

A Life Coach focuses on the future, calls out what is inside you already, and guides you to a fulfilled life.

How much does it cost?

Life Coaching with Alex starts at $90 per 60-minute session.

Or $525 for a six-session package



FREE Coaching Call

Life Coaching could change your life, but I get it, it's weird and it costs money!

Those two things add up to you not wanting to commit. 

So, let's start with a free 30 minute 'movement' call and go from there.

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I'll connect with you soon to ask some questions to see what it might take for you to begin to live a better story and do what you're made for.