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If you're an entrepreneur, an event organizer, an adventurer, or a student and could use a little more confidence in your life, we're gonna get along just fine.


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When I’m not working on all this, I am with my wife and 3 kids (occasionally we visit Uncle Mickey) seeking everyday adventures and learning to live our own great story.

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 Confidence is created when we tell a better story.

As the son of a world renowned photographer and an actress who risked it all to pursue their dreams, I not only have the skill of storytelling running through my veins but my family has been living a great story all along. 

Like my parents, at 17 years old someone gave me a chance to do what I'm made for. It was my first time speaking in front of a crowd and I’ve been doing it ever since, mostly as a youth worker, inspiring others to tell their story well.

I've had the privilege to speak to thousands of youth & young adults about confidence, purpose, & leadership. While working as a Coach for the next generation for almost two decades, I have seen confidence created within people as they begin to tell a different story about their life.

I was a Youth Pastor for 11 years, denominational events director, a Young Adults Ministry Researcher, and a Leadership Facilitator for young leaders in Toronto, Ont.

I have a BRE Religious Education, a Masters of Theological Studies, and a passion to advocate for the next generation’s unprecedented potential.


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