Why We Do A Jr. High Talent Show

REPOST From 'old blog' 2014.

Over the last 10 years I have been able to see about 20 Jr.High Talent Shows through our Youth Min and our denominational retreats.  There's a theme that goes through them all - it's a great chance to help direct a young teen's life!  

Sometimes they are funny.
Sometimes they are a little awkward (sometimes a lot).
Sometimes they absolutely blow me away! 

But always - when a young teen is willing to do something on stage in front of a room full of their peers, it's an opportunity for some caring adults to attack them with praise, encouragement, and words of wisdom. 

This point of life is when the young teen brain is still deciding what to really focus on and develop skills in.  If you see a skill in the life of a young teen, tell them!  

- Tell them they are good (or REALLY GOOD) at what they are doing.
- Tell them they should keep developing their skills in that (getting lessons?).
- Tell them this is something God has put within them, and if they are passionate about it, God wants to use that. 
- Tell them you are thankful for sharing their talent, for making you laugh, or just for being there. 

The bottom line is, there are adults that are terrified to be on stage - if a young teen is willing to do it, take that opportunity to make sure it is a good experience for them.