See Life Differently

When we talk about the hope for youth in this culture it is a short matter of time before Youth Workers begin speaking on the defensive; "The world is against them // they are so confused // they have no objective truth to stand on"
So the solution, inevitably, is that we need to figure out a new (better) way to, "teach them their worth // help them understand God // have a deep and strong faith" to fight against what is happening. 

Let's simplify. 

Youth Workers see things differently.  Am I right?  
When you are standing in line at the movies and teens are acting like knobs, you feel some sense of mercy and love (THEN anger and frustration).  Or when they break into song and dance on the beach (see above) you think...this would make a great movie!

We see the potential in every young person we come in contact with.

The reason you care about what you do is that absolute thrill of witnessing someone realize that potential for themselves. WOW!  That'll fill your tank for another few months of messy ministry. 

Your goal then, is simple, 

to help others see themselves the way you believe God sees them. 

This is spurred on by your constant sharpening on what exactly God does think of them;
God created them
He will use them in their uniqueness
They are meant to have a part in bringing God's Kingdom here
He never sees the moment we are in as the end of it all, there is always a better story to be written. 

Today, speak into the life of a young teen, help them see what you see in them.