I'm no expert

For some reason, they trusted me.

For years, they trusted me. Like I was an expert in the field of 'bringing teens to know Jesus'.

But I'm not and I never was.  I'm not an expert.  I'm not even sure if experts exists in Youth Ministry. Because,

in Youth Ministry, just when you think you might have it all figured out, everything changes...again.

I'm no expert, but I was there and I cared (I still do).  Over 10 years of ministry at this local church I came to understand that people weren't coming to me for answers or to help them through crisis because I was a guru, but because I cared the most.  The person that cares the most will be considered the greatest resource in times of crisis and change, because when everyone else gets tired and quits we know that person won't (can't) let go so easily.

Youth Worker, may you be known for simply being the one who cares the most.  

This is what will draw parents to you, this outweighs any degree, any number of years of service, or any metrics.

As you step into a new season of ministry, be loving, be present, be caring.  This will help teenagers and their parents know that around you is somewhere they will always feel like they belong.