I've Never Seen That Before - Part 3 (Worship)

The man hadn't walked for years.  

Yet, now, in the sweltering heat of the mid-day desert sun, with a small house packed full of onlookers and his four friends watching from a hole in the roof-now, he walks. 

He wiggles his toes first.  Then lifts his legs to bend at the knees, reaches up for help from the people on either side of him, and gingerly, yet boldly, lets go to straighten up on his own.  He looks out at the crowd, up to his friends, and turns his head left to Jesus, smiling.  Then he bends over with a groan to pick up his mat, and moves to walk through the crowd which parts like the Red Sea. 

This amazed everyone and they praised God saying, 'We have never seen anything like this!'  -Mark 2:12 (NIV)

 Was there a dog there too?  With a collar on?  I don't care, this picture is just so dang cute!

Was there a dog there too?  With a collar on?  I don't care, this picture is just so dang cute!


What I'm talking about in these last three posts is a sense of wonder.  

First - I encouraged you to see the little, regular things you see each day as nothing short of extraordinary.  Each thing you see is new simply because you have never lived THIS day before.

Second - I implored you to be intentional about creating moments and monuments that the rest of us can look at and say, "I've never seen that before!"  

Now, when you live your life with this desire to awaken to the big-ness of everything going on around you it changes how you interact with people and situations every day.  You will begin to worship God out of an honest response rather than a habitual circumstance.  The people in this story recorded in the Gospel of Mark went to this house to hear the teacher teach; yet, they left with a story to tell of how something beyond their comprehension exists and is clearly at work in this world changing lives.

Worship is when you recognize the wonder of the world around you, and credit that to God. 

I don't have all the answers to who God is, and frankly, neither do you.  If anyone tells me they have figured God out, that immediately makes me less interested in the God they are talking about.  All I know is that I am constantly surprised, amazed, wowed, shocked, breathless, and wide-eyed at the moments I face in life where the only thing I can do is shrug my shoulders, shake my head, and say, "I've never seen that before."  

May we be people that help draw the attention of others to the wonder of this world and the people within it.  And may that draw our attention back to God who is at work far beyond what we can comprehend.