How Big Is The List?

If you are anywhere near a child less than three years old take a few moments and look at them.

*if this child is not your child and you are in a public space
I would suggest you don't stare at them too long, 
but I'll leave that up to your discretion - 
just don't say 'a blog told me to!' when some hulk of a dad
is standing over you asking what your problem is*

To be honest, it will help if it actually is a kid you know - a son, daughter, niece, kid you babysit, etc. - Look at them and write down a list of all the possible things you can think of that they could do in this life.   

Set a timer for 3 minutes and just write as long of a list as you can - How big is the list?


Now, find someone older, much older (Like, at least 23 yrs old!).  Do the same exercise.  3 minutes - How big is the list?


There will be moments along this child's journey she will be told she can do certain things and that she can't do other things.  Each moment which will significantly shrink that list down. 
Yet, today - the list is as big as you can dream. 

Is the child aware?  Well, no, she's probably not thinking about much more than scooping up the Cheerios floating away from her spoon in that ocean of milk in front of her.  And yet, you just pictured an entire 10 lifetimes worth of stories and experiences for her.

The greatest joy of being involved in the lives of others is seeing
something in them they may not see in themselves

(and then helping them see it).

Today, spend time telling another person what you see on their list.  
Help them dream, 
expand their vision, 
quiet down those voices that have been floating around them saying otherwise, 
inject them with hope and potential. 

If you really wanna get a kick outta this, go, stand in front of a mirror for 3 minutes.  
What do you see?  
How big is your list?