Building Blocks

REPOST From 'old blog' 2014.

What are the things your ministry is built upon?  We can call them anything we want - "Pillars", "Building Blocks", "Essentials", "Keys"…

While helping develop a conference we asked some of those attending what their top 5 Building Blocks are.

They are all different, but they are all the same.  We are in this together and we are just all trying

desperately to find something to build a sustainable ministry model on that will stick. 

These Full-Time Youth Pastors have responded with things like; 

Culture - the overall feeling your ministry gives out to others.

Leadership - of students, volunteers, and of yourself. 

Program - finding the right one to fit your context.

Outreach - inviting others to life in Jesus.

Care - knowing what to do when someone

is hurting, or is about to hurt

themselves in some way?

Discipleship - helping

youth grow on their

own as they embrace

the love of God through



So.  What is your ministry built on?