The Basics (Tribes, Part 5)


Last time (part 4) I talked about the Theological Foundation for Tribes. 

Today, I'm going to share a bit about the practical, programming foundation for Tribes. It begins, like EVERY SINGLE YOUTH MINISTRY, wanting to create authentic community with youth and adults in a safe environment. So, 


Picture a kind, Christ-like couple with a home in your community.



Next, picture 5 adults that love Jesus and love teenagers, having dinner with that couple in their home.


Now, picture a group of 20 teenagers - guys, girls, grade 9-12 (or 6-8) mixed together and walking through the front door of that home.

They are there with those adults to laugh, play, eat, share, and talk about Jesus.


Then, think about each of those 5 adults having a few of those teenagers that they know, connect with, and hang out with during the week.

And finally, imagine that couple knowing and praying for and connecting with those 5 adults to care for them so they don’t burn themselves out through the course of a year of Youth Ministry.


That, is the basics of a Youth Missional Community...a TRIBE!

In the next post, we'll get into a little more of the nitty gritty, like how to shape an entire Youth Min calendar around intentionally building Christ-like, authentic community.