Camp Speaking 2017

Here's a more detailed outline of the messages and activities we went through at the camps I was speaking at this summer. 


Each Session I would create a new letter (see picture above) relating to the topic of the day. 

Share Your Stuff because you have more than enough -- (S is for "Stuff")

Acts 4:32-37 - The community shared everything they had, so nobody was in need.
We talked about stuff we could share now, and how we think others have enough to share, but we hold back. If we let go, we could change our communities. 

We made an S out of objects, because money, food, clothes, and toys are things we can share right now. Each camper was holding one thing, which may not seem like much, but when put together with all the others it made a messy "S". 


Share Your Life because your life can change others -- (H is for "Help")

Acts 8:26-40 - Philip stops to help an Ethiopian man understand the Scriptures and Jesus.
We talked about people that have had an impact on our lives, and how admitted to one another the areas we need help with. Jesus gave us a great example of sharing his life, we should do the same.

I used duct tape to make an H, because Duct Tape is known for helping and sticking, as we share our lives we can be known for the same things. 


Share Your Ideas because ideas become things -- (A is for "Awesome")

Acts 9:36-43 - The disciples have an idea to call for Peter to bring Dorcas back to life!
We talked about how fearful we are to share our ideas because we might get rejected or embarrassed if it doesn't work. But as some of them made paper airplanes with their ideas written on them and let them sore, we experienced how an idea can become a thing when it's shared with others and we allow God to work with it. 

I spray painted an A, because ideas are awesome and abstract. Like spray paint, an idea will fade away unless put down on paper and shared with others. 


Share Your Story because stories remind us we're not alone -- (R is for "Real")

Acts 28:1-10 - Paul uses his pain to help bring healing to an old man. 
We talked about our scars, our painful moments, and how scars tell stories that might be able to help others. I had them stand to reveal if they have been through divorce, bullying, self-esteem issues, doubt, and needing financial help. Then, I invited them to stand and decide to follow Jesus who has already been through all this pain already and invites us into new life through it. 

I glued strips of yarn to make an R, because only when we get real with our stories do we realize we're not alone in these situations.


Share Your Faith because faith builds community -- (E is for "Everyone")

Acts 16:19-34 - Paul & Silas tell the prison guard about Jesus and his whole household is saved!
We talked about things we trust in, and how easy it is to share good news about your favourite restaurant, but for some reason we hold back when sharing about Jesus. But, as Romans 10:15 says, "How beautiful are the feet of the one who brings good news!" So, let's be known for having beautiful feet and bringing good news about Jesus everywhere we go. 

I painted an E, as I talked about the news of Jesus that Everyone is in need of hearing. I made it with my feet to remind them about the beautiful feet of one who brings good news. 

*This feet thing actually only happened during the last week, and I love it! Sometimes that's what happens, even when I think I've nailed the message down, it gets tweaked in the last minute.*


Every session I would have the group turn to the person next to them and share a story related to the theme - at the end of that time, we would altogether say, "THANKS FOR SHARING!"

It was cheesy, and beautiful. 

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I get to try new things and help make speaking magical so these concepts stick in the minds of young teens. Thanks for supporting me in this work!