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Young Alex Speaking

You have something to say, say it well 

This is a picture of me on stage 10 years ago speaking to over 500 young teens. If I knew then what I know now about the craft of public speaking that deserving audience would have walked out with something far more valuable than what I gave them. 

Why do some speakers stand out from others? It could be personality, storytelling, sense of humour, or merely something unique about their appearance. I believe speakers stand out because they have learned how to make speaking magical. 

Thankfully it's not difficult to make speaking magical, take control of your content and add in some memory-making tricks so your next talk will be remembered for a long time (in the right way!).

You shouldn’t have to waste another opportunity to share your message. 

Through the Make Speaking Magical coaching process I can help you clarify your message, tell a better story, and make your message stick in the memory of your audience. 

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Speaking Coaching could change the impact you have completely, but I get it, it's weird and it costs money! Those two things add up to you not wanting to commit. 

So, let's start with a free 30 minute 'elevator pitch' call and go from there.

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