With a deep respect for the platform and the audience I aim to engage the crowd in a fresh way each time I communicate, while working closely with the organizers to make the event a complete success. 

As a Youth Pastor for 10 years at a local church I spoke weekly to large groups. For 5 of those years I was the director of denominational Youth Retreats for 2500 teens/year allowing me to learn technique from the dozens of speakers we hired. 

Along with speaking at businesses, schools, churches, and camps, I also work part-time with LAUNCH, delivering Leadership Workshops with Youth in the Toronto area.

What people are saying...

"Alex has the incredible gift of making connections through his teaching that really hit home and stick with his audience. You never know what unpredictable turns his talks might take and that's what makes them so great."

Nat Evans, Creekside Community Church

"It is often difficult to get a speaker who appeals to more than one age demographic. Alex delivered in spades! I recommend the ministry of Alex Street without reserve!"

Warwick Cooper, The Peoples Church

"I have heard nothing but good things about Alex' workshops at my training conference for youth workers. They have always been informative and engaging and well received by all who attend."

Paul Robertson, Youth Culture Specialist, Youth Unlimited (YFC)

"Alex is a storyteller with a passion that draws his audience into an experience with him. He speaks with a contagious energy that captures and holds attention."

Jeremy Best, FEBYouth Director

"Alex has a dramatic charisma, style, and clarity that draws you into the message while graciously forcing you out of the role of spectator!"

Jay Sandiford, Willow Creek Baptist Church

"Alex was energetic, relevant, and connected well with both our junior high students and our youth leaders."

Ray Lee, Richmond Hill Community Christian Church

"What impressed me the most was this; what I asked Alex to speak on and do, he did exactly that and did it with excellence."  

Aaron Johnson, Emmanuel Baptist Church

"He can captivate a room full of students and have their attention for seemingly however long he needs."

Andrew Snider, Toronto Chinese Alliance Church

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