All of these messages were delivered at Springvale Church in Stouffville, Ontario

Get Up & Go

You and I have the ability to give courage and to instill fear. In a world of fear, let's agree to give courage to one another. 

Love At First Sight. 

It's time to begin telling a better story. People want a different story than the one that has been heard again and again. You want a story about love?  I'll tell you where love began.

The Pursuit of Knowledge

We live in a world with the most amount of information and knowledge available to each person than ever before. Yet, we feel stuck.  Not sure what motivates me to move, or if I'm really moving at all.  Knowledge can be stale, or it can lead us to live a life of Faith, and Love, and Hope. 

What Are You Known For?

In a world obsessed with answers and concrete solutions Paul, in Colossians, praises these people for their abstract life choices.  He reminds us there is another way to live, it is a way of faith, hope, and love.  This is what you can be known for.

Find Your Tribe

This is where you belong.  This is your Tribe.  We will protect you, and support you, and understand you, and dream with you.  We are your family.  This is who you are.  And here, in this moment, an identity begins to form. 


Jesus was constantly inviting his followers to become more aware of God’s presence in all things.  There is always something bigger going on, there is always more, it is always good, and it should always lead us to action.

Create A Rhythm

*Inspired by Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Joiner and Nieuwhof*

You have no idea what is happening with your life, you are so unravelled, and you are desperate for something or someone to make sense of it.  This is an opportunity to invite the Spirit of God to create rhythm, to bring peace to the chaos, to find a place to call home, and to bring salvation with new life.

Widen The Circle

*Inspired by Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Joiner and Nieuwhof*

It's not just about you, it can't be, it's not supposed to be, and it never was.  We are made to be in community with others and to have a wider circle of influence in our lives.  We are meant to widen the circle.

Is There Purpose To Our Pain?

As we cry out and ask why, as we desire an explanation from God as to why we are suffering in this world, the response will not be a story of pain, but a story of love.