Call to Action

This is, as they say in storytelling, the call to action.

Once again in my journey I'm choosing to step toward the 'burning bush' (this thing that is fascinating us and drawing us out from what we know) to say ‘Here I am' before knowing exactly what the next step is. - Exodus 3 is still relevant.

I have resigned from my position at LAUNCH & Youth Unlimited.

I’ll be wrapping up in January 2019.  

I came in to Youth Unlimited a few months after leaving the only job I had known, in the only church I had called home. During my time working here I have been able to witness Youth Unlimited’s vision of wholistic Transformation take place in my life and my family. For this, I am more grateful than I can possibly express. YU has provided a place for free exploration, and people to guide me through healing and a greater discovery of my own gifts.   

I have been a part of a phenomenal team that has encouraged my creativity and has been patient with me as I try to fit within a new system and approach to ministry.

Together, we have been able to see transformation happen in thousands of lives around the GTA. The work of LAUNCH is raising up amazing Young Leaders ready to impact their world. I am so thankful for this time to use what’s ‘in my hand' and be a part of this niche program, transforming the city.  

Throughout the past 3 years I have been exploring new kinds of Youth Ministry positions (since leaving Springvale) with YU and The Meeting House, and I was able to dive in and complete my Masters in Theological Studies. One step at a time, trying to do what seems right.

Now, Karen and I are sensing that YU was a great place for us to land while going through this time of transformation. We are in a time of REdiscovering Jesus, the Church, and our purpose; and now, we sense that we need to take the next step of transformation to experience what following Jesus looks like outside the walls and work of ‘vocational ministry’.  

All our family and marriage has known is the life of Youth Ministry, yet over the last few years I have developed a deep sympathy and empathy towards those outside the traditional framework of ministry programs.

I have a passion and compassion to serve people that are not involved in regular ministry but are engaged in their businesses, schools, entrepreneurial dreams, and are seeking meaning or purpose through it all. I will be pursuing my passions of speaking, coaching, and even acting, but will be doing so as I build my own business and look for work outside of the ministry environments I have known.    

I'm always going to be a ‘pastor’, I'm always going to draw people toward Jesus and the good news in this world, but it is time for me to enter into that ministry outside of the typical vocational position, this much is clear.

Thank you for your undying support and friendship.

I realize not many people know what it's like to have 100+ people behind you at any given moment encouraging you forward. This experience is not something I will take for granted. I have learned so much from this organization, this team, my supporters, and the young leaders I've served. Youth Unlimited has provided me space and people to help work through this clarifying process.

Karen and I are continually grateful for our journey, our ongoing transformation, our story, and the part that Youth Unlimited has played in that so far.  

With this, I offer my sincere thanks to all of you that have supported us on this journey so far and look forward to how our paths will cross in the days ahead.

Thank you. 


Obviously, if you have ANY questions or comments about this, direct them my way. I love questions and look forward to chatting with you more about these next steps.