The Speaker's Journey

"What's In Your Hand?"  

"A Staff."

"Then go, shepherd, lead my people out of Egypt, like you have been caring for and leading your sheep for years.  It's what you're made to do."  

*paraphrase of Exodus 4...well, more like a total rewrite*


I believe that if God were to ask me what is in my hand I would look down and see something to do with speaking to people...a microphone?  notecards?  a (tiny) podium?  a diorama of a stage?

While the metaphor breaks down pretty quickly, the impact for me will always be that God points out what Moses is made to do, to be a shepherd.  If this was me, I deeply believe that God would be pointing out that I am made to be a speaker.  

I'll go into more detail about this in future posts, but I grew up in either the theatre or the photography studio, with either one of my parents.  Then I jumped into Youth Ministry and began to see the need to inspire people that are desperate for inspiration.  The journey has led me to believe now at 32 that I should work at being a professional public speaker.

So, this is what I'm working on.  

It's awkward and messy and lonely at this point in the process.  There's excitement and fear all over the place.  

But if I believe this is what I'm made to do, then it's worth every ounce of difficulty. 

I'm going to keep posting about this project, because I want to invite you in on the process. Living your dream doesn't happen overnight, so this is my attempt to let you into the best and worst moments of someone pursuing what they believe they are made to do. 

I'll be talking about

how I developed this passion,

why I care and what I care about,

the steps I'm taking,

the business side of it,

who I'm talking to,

how I create talks,

and a bunch of other good stuff along the way. 


If you've ever wondered what it's like to leave the job you love to pursue something else you love and feel like you're made for...then I believe you'll love THE SPEAKER'S JOURNEY.  Here we go...