2016 Summer Speaking Schedule

Since January I have had exactly two speaking engagements booked, and one of them wasn't paid. For me that's actually fine because I haven't done anything to market myself other than two tweets, and they were about summer speaking opportunities; which, interestingly enough, has seemed to help in booking up my summer almost completely!

My Spring/Summer speaking dates really start next week with a Conference taking place at my old church, it's a conference for Jr.High Girls and I cannot WAIT to be leading a workshop there about using What's In Your Hand to change your world today. That's on April 30th, and for more info you can go here

Here's what the rest of my summer looks like, with some ideas I've got for themes at this point...

May 21-22 - Richmond Hill Christian Community Church - Jr.High Retreat - 3 Retreat Session Talks, 1 Workshop - "The Next Step" + "What's In Your Hand?"

I did The Next Step theme back in September, it needs some major refining, but it will be a great 3-4 part series.

May 27-29 - The Met Bible Church - Jr.High Retreat - 4 Retreat Session Talks - "Live the Dream"

I did this back in November and LOVED it! Can't wait to bring out the balloons again to make it magical.

June 26-30 - Ontario Pioneer Camp - 5 Staff Training Talks - "WE ARE..."

They are giving me the outline for this week focused on our identity in Christ, I'll work in some stuff I already have and some new stuff to fit this young adult age group.

June 30-July 2 - Toronto Chinese Alliance Church - Jr.High Retreat - 4 Retreat Session Talks - "Made For This"

The theme they are running is 'Re:Create' so I will work my talks within that theme.

July 3-8 - Willow Springs Camp - 4 Chapel Talks, 5 Devotionals - "The Next Step"

I would use Made For This for all my camp weeks, but this group has seen some of those talks before.

July 10-15 - Pleasant Bay Camp - 6 Chapel Talks, 5 Devotionals - "Made For This"

They are running a superhero theme for the summer, I need to adjust this to focus on 'Courage' somehow.

July 17-22 - Camp Kwasind - 5 Chapel Talks, 6 Campfire Devotionals - "Made For This"
July 25-28 - Emmanuel Baptist Church - Teen Day Camp - 3 Retreat Session Talks - "The Next Step"

I will be focusing this one specifically on Luke 9:23, but still the same outline.

August 28-September 3 - Camp Widjitiwin - 6 Chapel Talks, 6 Devotionals - "Made For This

Now, in case you're wondering, here's the basics for these themes

Made For This - Based on the life of Moses, talking about who you're made to be in this life, using painting as a visual throughout.

The Next Step - Based on people Jesus met, talking about just taking the next step in your spiritual journey, using camping supplies as a visual throughout.

Live the Dream - Based on Jesus' ministry in Luke, talking about how we can live the dream now that Jesus declared in Luke 4:18-19, using balloons as a visual throughout. 

I love the different challenges these will bring. I love the opportunity these give to refine and rework material I already have. I love the amount of young people I'll have the chance to stand in front of this summer to talk about the life-changing love of Jesus and how living in his Way is the good news that can change the world. 

This is my journey as a speaker, I've never been available like this before to jump into so many different places. It's going to be wild, and really busy, but I am so looking forward to the chance to do what I'm made to do.