Street Magic

Street Magic - this is the quick version of magic, right? Made famous by creepy David Blaine. I just watched Justin Willman's series Magic for Humans on Netflix, it's amazing. 

The concept is simple: Find someone on the street, amaze them, move on. 

Making Speaking Magical isn't just about planning for the big moment - the large stage and groups of people you'll be speaking to. Sometimes it's just about doing magic for one or two people you're speaking with. Sometimes, it's about getting your message across as quickly and clearly as possible. 

This is a skill we can all learn. And since I'm Alex Street, its extra fun to call it Street Magic because of the glorious pun fully intended. 

Street Magic isn't a nice bonus, it is a crucial enhancement. It might be the MOST important part of taking your speaking to the next level of magical goodness. If you can't do street magic, I would argue you'll have a difficult time doing big magic when it comes time. 

In order to effectively perform street magic (referring to speaking, of course - as I know less than diddly about doing real magic tricks), you need to shrink your talk down to a 30 second focus. 

And just like a short magic trick, you're going to need a set up, a prestige, and a reveal. 

Let's say you have a bigger talk planned about "5 Lessons I Learned About Leadership While On a Safari in Africa": first of all, that title alone almost took 30 seconds, don't use that. 

1. Use your Focus point to set up - if you don't have this yet, make one. 1-2 sentences of what your talk's focus is. 

2. Choose one magical speaking trick to use (Involve, Show, Ask, etc.) and the 3-5 sentences of content to go with it - this will be the prestige, the 'wow' moment.

3. Leave them with your focus point reworked, with an invitation. 

Time for Street Magic!

"If you want the most valuable lessons in leadership you shouldn't look to the CEOs and Entrepreneurs, you should spend some time in the wilderness with lions, tigers, and...a guide, oh my! (My focus, I could tweet that, put it in a brochure, on a website, etc.) 

A few weeks ago, while on a safari in Zambia I noticed something on the ground as we drove by. After asking if I was safe to jump out and pick it up, and being told, "not really, but you can try!" I held in my hands the longest snake skin I've ever seen, it stretched from the front of the jeep to the back and more. It reminded me that snakes are constantly changing, and as leaders we should often be shedding our old ways, making way for new healthy ones. Eventually someone may even look at our old stuff and be amazed, meanwhile we'll be far ahead trying new things.  (I chose to SHOW an object I found. It would be amazing if I actually have this to hold and show people in person, but a picture may suffice).

That's just one object I picked up on my two-day safari, there are four more I brought home with me as reminders that the real lessons are learned not when we're in front of a computer screen, but out in the wild interacting with the environment. (If the snake skin was interesting enough to them, the idea of four more objects will draw them in completely! If not, you've wrapped it up nicely)."

Where to use Street Magic?

Sales/Marketing - use this in your giveaways. Offer something that instantly draws the passer-by in, you can't assume you have their attention for more than a few seconds before they move on. 

Planning - when you're stuck planning your big talk, spend time working on a street magic bit, it will give you momentum and help focus where you're heading with the big show. 

Meetings/Dinner Conversation - leave a lasting impression before, during, or after any meeting by taking the floor (at an appropriate time) and doing your street magic to relay the latest results, stories, or goals you have lined up. 


For more amazingly helpful tips like this to help make your speaking magical, let's work together! As your speaker coach I will help you work through a specific talk you have planned to help you step into the next opportunity with courage. 

In fact, in our free introductory conversation, I'll work with you narrow in to create some street magic in just 30 minutes. Click here to start making magic!