Focus Your Magic

Making Speaking Magical: part 10

When you communicate with focus, you make the most of your message.

Making Speaking Magical is all about focus

If you don’t know what you’re focused on as a communicator then your audience doesn’t stand a chance remembering what you said. You need one idea to get across, not 7, not 3, just 1. If you don’t have your one focused idea there is no amount of Magical Tricks that will help your audience be transformed by your message.

One focus. One idea. One message.

Once you have that, begin working out which tricks will help you get that idea out to your audience in the most effective and memorable way possible. 

Think of Harry casting a spell, “expelliarmus!” If he wasn’t aimed right at his target, the spell would miss and the other person (typically Draco, that knob!), would be free to do whatever he wants.

When you have a clear focus for what you're aiming at in your communication, the audience is significantly more equipped to remember and be transformed by the message. 

All of these tricks are meant to enhance one point you are trying to make. If you go into a talk with the focus of your audience knowing last year's sales numbers and brainstorming ways to raise those numbers, great, you have a focus! Now, use one or some of these tricks and you can be sure the information will turn to transformation.

“Give yourself a chance to explain that one thing properly” - Chris Anderson, TEDTalks

You do not want those numbers you worked hard to organize to stay in this room; you want to give those measly little numbers every opportunity to jump off the projection and into the mind of your audience so they care as much as you do. The good news is that it is not complicated. Just add some magic.

Adding a magical trick to communicate your clear idea could make all the difference.

Captivate Them. Involve Them. Surprise Them.

Teach Them. Ask Them. Show Them. Connect Them.

These are the 7 most valuable tricks I’ve learned to Make Speaking Magical.

Now go, take your idea and add some magic to it so you can communicate with confidence and transform your audience.

The good news is there is still more to talk about and I am going to produce a new Podcast to do so.  We’ll talk about more tricks like Laughing With Them, Seeing Them, Moving Towards Them, and so many more helpful details about the tricks we’ve already discussed. I’ll also have some conversations with great communicators on what they do to Make Speaking Magical and transform their audiences. Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting new project. 


I'd love to hear from you, which of these tricks have you found most interesting? 

Are there any you don't think works well?