Mike is Made to Brew


Everybody needs food, everybody likes food, but when you have a really good meal you can bring so much joy to people through food.


Today with Mike Chowns, we explore the story of a man who found himself moving more and more into the where his passions were kindled, in the world of cooking. While there is no recipe to follow, the elements of Mike’s story have been stewing together for years until he was brought to a boiling point and had to decide what to do next. Thankfully, he’s got big dreams and is ready to turn up the heat and get cooking…and also thankfully, I’m done with the kitchen puns now. 

You are going to find solidarity with Mike if you have a solid day job, and yet wonder what else is out there for you. 

So, how do you live your dream job while still in your day job? 

Mike is trying to figure that out, like so many of us. 

You might have a solid day job that is paying the bills and isn’t outside of your strengths, talents, and passions…but you know there is something else. 

I love the book Quitter, by Jon Acuff, he suggests to not quit and start your dream job, but build the dream while you’re still where you are. You are needed there, you can do what you’re made for there. And after a year or three, your dream will have enough power behind it to actually survive on its own. 


If you are looking for Mike and Steve’s brewery, they do now have a name, and are getting off the ground with this thing. Keep on the look out for Dead Lake Brewery, and keep walking like Mike, doing whatever you can to bring others joy in what you do. 

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