Hayley is Made to Build


“To be able to see a young woman in an otherwise male-dominated practice will I hope inspire other young girls.”

Hayley is breaking barriers and building bridges, literally, she’s going to school for carpentry. Though this isn’t typically a field that young women venture into Hayley wants to learn and more than anything wants you to see there is nothing holding us back, especially not cultural norms.

This was recorded back in October 2017, so her story has developed more thoroughly since this moment, but I hope Hayley inspires you to step into a new path, jumping hurdles and holding on to faith as you go.  Plus, there is a can’t miss story of Hayley recently bumping into royalty somewhere in the middle of this. 

“You didn’t expect this, so watch and hear me roar.”

Her joy is infectious, her passion is palpable, and her humility is head-shakingly inspirational. But for Hayley, there is no doubt where these qualities come from - she has a strong family bond, significant mentors, and friendships that have consistently reminded her that she is able to do whatever she wants to. 

Here’s the thing - even as I say that, “she can do what she wants to” I cringe a little bit, as this is a marker of millennials, being told they can do anything when in reality they cannot. Hayley, though, seems to have absorbed that message, and turned it into something crucial - working towards a goal, for the sake of others. This is about doing whatever she wants to, for the good of a community - specifically young women wanting to go down this path as well. 

Maybe you have an idea, for an art store, or a coffee shop, or a design company, or a podcast, or a NPO, or a shoe company…may you take your idea, test it with your community, break down barriers, and do this for the sake of others. And as you do, we will hear you roar. 

“You should do what you haven’t done before.”

Alex StreetComment