Kenny & Elle are Made to Make New Things


Kenny & Elle Campbell are the founders of Stuff You Can Use and are constantly creating new things. They are serial-learners and will create anything that spars and helps others. 


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“These projects we do are really just avenues for us to learn something new"

The Campbells are lifelong YouthWorkers and entrepreneurs who want to create things that help other people win. Right now they are focused on developing their own business called Stuff You Can Use which provides all kinds of helpful tools for Youth Pastors, but who knows what kind of products and toys they will come up with in the years to come. 

“We always want to give our ideas a good chance of surviving."

We have been internet friends for a few years now and any time we get talking we spend most of the time laughing, so buckle up for a long intro conversation about board games and Atlanta fall weather, and then enjoy their story and thoughts as we dig into the journey they have been on to do what they’re made for. 

“When you’re scared to walk through the door, you’re missing out on future opportunities.”

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