Beneath the Surface


Maybe you have friends that you wish would change in some way.  

You want them to expand their worldview, to grow in a spiritual pathway, to ask more questions or finally land somewhere. You see potential in them but they are not moving from their deadend job, they aren’t moving out, they keep quitting on school. You see them continually getting hurt in relationships, or not willing to try in a relationship.  

It is easy to get frustrated about someone you see moving or not moving in any particular way, but what if it is not as simple as you think it is?   

What if there is more going on than you know about?

Or, let’s think about you.  

You have places to go, goals to accomplish, hopes and dreams to fulfill. But the deadlines keep passing, the opportunities keep flying away, and the people keep leaving you. The projects are half-complete, the positions keep getting filled for those promotions you want, the schoolwork seems meaningless, home isn’t enjoyable anymore, the days are endlessly similar and it all just feels slow, dark, damp, sludge.  

It is really easy to get frustrated with ourselves and our lack of movement, but maybe it is not as simple as it seems?

What if there is more going on than you know about?

Just beneath the surface.  


Alex StreetComment