Dallas is Made for the Farm Life


Dallas and her family recently bought some land so they can build a farm. This is a great big adventure for this incredibly practical dreamer, a mom of three, and wife to a career police officer, who loves story and is writing a great one for her family.  

“We wanted amazing" 

They have never farmed before, always lived in the suburbs, and now its time for something different. After a few years of saying, “what if?” and going on a sailing adventure they are jumping into this new adventure to create a place where people can gather together to see what is means to have less stuff and schedule but experience more. 

"No one’s asking for a wifi password when there’s animals to play with and forests to run in." 

Listen to this if you’re interested in decluttering your life, dealing with the fear and worry of moving into your dream, or if you wonder how to move forward with your dreams and still have an amazing family-life. Dallas reminds us that there are fewer good reasons than we think there are to not go for something amazing in this life. From horses, to cookbooks, to a recording studio for Sting, and an autism centre, Dallas is on a ride to explore what she’s made for.  

“There’s room for all to gather at the table."  

Alex StreetComment