Bianca is Made for the Table


“People need to know they are valuable even if they have nothing.”

Bianca Armstrong is a Youth Worker with "Light Patrol", a mobile outreach program which seeks to provide whole-person care to young people who find themselves homeless or street-involved in Toronto. 

She wants to be a consistent presence in the lives of these young people, going to places where Youth call home: street corners, city parks, under bridges, etc.  Bianca and her team have seen that transformation is possible as someone chooses to consistently show up in the life of a young person, wherever they are. 

Her hope is to have their hearts exploding with possibility and potential! 

Recently Bianca has been co-leading an initiative called “LightHouse”, where she and her co-worker Jess intentionally invite young people into their space to provide whole-person care and inspire them to see potential and possibility for new life.  


This is a conversation about moving towards a true passion in your life, but it’s also a conversation about what it means to truly show hospitality in our world, to share what we have with our friends and neighbors and those in need.  

As you listen to this conversation, pay attention to how Bianca’s desire for justice and hospitality has shaped her to do what she’s doing now. Maybe you are at a place of not feeling like you have any 'market' skills, or you’ve gone to school for something but know that’s not the path for you. It might be time to consider what you cry out for, and let that guide your next step.  

You can connect with Bianca through email (, or click to find out more about Light Patrol, and donate to her work through Youth Unlimited GTA




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