Chaos & Order


 Chaos is about numbness, lack of interest, randomness, insecurity.   

Order is about purpose, focus, potential, excitement. 

Is your life in chaos? Is it possible to find order within that? Is it possible, that even when we feel like life is formless and there is a massive void, we can create something of purpose and focus and order? 

Made For This is about focusing on what matters. I believe, as we share our stories and ask the right questions we can all begin to peel back the layers we’ve built up and find the core of our selves and then focus on doing that thing for the sake of others.  

The real art is in being able to find purpose within the chaos.

It’s not just about getting rid of things, but about focusing in on what matters most. Order in the midst of chaos.  

Here's the painting I speak about in the podcast, "The Storm". 

Alex StreetComment