Brady is Made to Communicate With Confidence


“I know how good of a force the church can be in the world.” 

Brady Shearer is 25 years old and knows he has a lot still to learn and a whole story still ahead of him, but for now there is nothing he would rather be doing than running his business, ProChurchTools(.com). He has a deep passion for the local church and helping them communicate well. So, when his pastor gave him an opportunity to try something new, he picked up a camera and learned all he could about digital communication products and techniques. A few years later he’s got a growing business, serving churches around the world and he’s never felt more alive!  

“You can’t win in life if you’re trying to win the prize that belongs to someone else” 

In this conversation we talk about his journey building a small business from scratch, we dig into the search for self-awareness and the importance of knowing what you’re made to do. Brady shares about his experience for years feeling like he was running in the wrong race, but now, among all the options available, there is nothing he would rather be doing.  

“The journey is just as valuable as the destination.”  

Some of us have a skill or passion that is made for a niche area and we have no idea where to start to make it into something significant. Brady’s story is an inspiration to me and I’m sure will also inspire you to take the first step and put in the hard work behind the scenes to make something happen. Do the work today, because you don’t know who will need it tomorrow.  

Alex StreetComment