I'm Choosing to Fail


“The fear of failure can often stop a dream in its tracks before it even begins” 

Failure, of course, is part of any creative endeavor, whether that is starting a new project, or a new business, or even a new relationship - we all know that there will be points of failure along the way, yet, the fear of failing can cripple us from ever starting out. 

Maybe you have something you know you are supposed to be doing in your life, but the fear of failing keeps you from taking that first step. Or maybe you know someone else that has failed at something recently and they need you to normalize it for them so they can keep going. Maybe, today is the day you need to take a risk and try something, but you need to know that you’re not alone. 

On this episode, Ben Bartosik and I will cover all kinds of questions and thoughts about failing, risk-taking, and the joy of finally doing something new. I talk about the last 18 months of our life as a family and the fear of failure that has hung over this whole journey.

“There will never be a perfect, finished, product of my life.” 

One of the biggest fears in the Made For This conversation that I’ve heard from people is that you believe you have something you’re made for, but what if you pursue the wrong thing? 

Sure, it’s a possibility, but how are you going to know until you do something? 

Today matters, and any moments of failure are in fact moments to learn so tomorrow can be even better. Take a risk, and go discover and do what you’re made for.   

Alex StreetComment