Trev & Trin are Made to Worship


“While we’re both made to do something individually, we’re made to be something as a couple”

Trevor and Katrina Robert AKA Trev & Trin, are Recording Artists and the Worship Co-Ordinators at Springvale Church in Stouffville, Ontario. They have developed a passion for playing music, leading others in worship, and more recently, songwriting. The fact that they feel like they are made to share these passions with others is such a gift to us. They have been married four years and jump into this podcast with such candor and vulnerability, you are going to feel like you’re sitting across the table from old friends while listening to them discuss their creative projects, their journey, and their desire to be home with family. 

Trev & Trin believe they are made to create space for others to thrive. 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to record an album? How does one even come to the point of deciding it will be a good idea to begin a massive project like that? Trev & Trin give us an honest take on what the process was like for them, being in the studio for 18 hour days, recording the same track again and again. But the finished product is well worth the effort. 

Maybe you feel the same way, you’re stuck doing the same thing day after day and you would rather just quit. But, be encouraged by Trev and Trin’s story, the end product is worth the effort today. 

They take us on a journey from California, to recording, to songwriting, and being present with their family and lifting each other up to thrive. Trev & Trin have a lot of wisdom to share about this messy journey of discovering what they’re made for, and I’m sure you’ll find something that encourages you today on your journey. 

Songs featured in this episode:

Trusting in You, All My Love, Look to The Light, Trade it All, Rest (Selah), Victorious, The Pressure's Off, Breathing New Life. 

All songs by Trev & Trin and used with permission by the artists.


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