Sharing Your Dream


“Someone has the answer that you need”

Why do we have trouble sharing our dreams with others?

What is keeping you back from talking about your ideas for your future?

In this episode, Ben Bartosik and I discuss what could happen if you open up and reveal your ideas to some people you trust - doing so might just be the spark that begins to turn your dream into reality. 

We talk about Blair’s story from episode 2, we talk about the development of this podcast, we talk about sports, music, Pixar, marriage, parenting, and cooking. All in an effort to help you see the importance of finding someone you trust and starting a conversation today about your incredible dreams, however small they may be at this point, we need what you have.  

“They may have something to contribute to your dream that’s actually gonna shape it to what it’s meant to become.”

Get started:

1. Write down your idea - What do you want to do, who do you want to be?

2. Find someone you trust, that will listen.

3. Talk, share your ideas.

Alex StreetComment