Blair is Made to Meet People Over Food


What does it feel like to see a dream become reality?

Blair is living the dream...slowly. 

"There’s certainly a need for speed…but the more you slow down, you have a much greater understanding of who you are, what you’re doing, and what you need to be doing."

Amazing things can happen when people come together around a great big idea.  

We’re all sitting here with dreams, ideas, hopes, plans for the future. Yet, some of us are afraid to let those dreams get out into the open for fear the balloon might get popped. For Blair and his family, this journey of opening a small town bakery began when they took the step of connecting with another couple, that amazingly had the same dream! 

“All six of us love this community”

Blair has discovered what he loves to do in this world, but more than that he has come to understand that he is made for much more than making muffins. Blair believes that we are all made to love people well. By asking a question more than, ‘how are you?’, or by providing for a need, or simply by remembering a name, Blair has taken every opportunity he can to help people feel known and loved.

He has been in the food service industry for almost 20 years and has a dream for much more still to come.  

“Knowing there is support here is critical"

I love Blair’s humility, his vulnerability in sharing about the struggles of opening a business, but most of all I love his simple understanding of his purpose. To love a couple of people well.  

Alex StreetComment