Stephanie is Made for Life Coaching


“Will you be a beacon for me?"

Deep down, Stephanie is a cheerleader. Has been on an amazing ride through her life so far, with career changes, re-orienting goals, and choosing to cheer people on above all else.  

“I see potential in people that is sitting there dormant.”

In this conversation we talk about coaching. As you listen you will feel like you’re getting a free session with Stephanie. She outlines her method and asks some powerful questions to get you thinking about your values.  

“You have this pain, and you have this passion, where they collide is your purpose.”

Then, we talk about the key moments that lead someone to rethink they’re path completely. Stephanie’s story has elements of finding love, keeping secrets, doing what you enjoy, then finding a deeper purpose to attach that joy to. She is just starting out on a  new venture with Beacon Coaching, but the discovery of that path was not an easy one, it came through betrayal, heartbreak, and a friend stepping in at the right moment to ask the right questions and coach Stephanie along to being who she is made to be and doing what she is made to do.  

Alex StreetComment