Dr. Jon is Made for Chiro


Dr.Jon Saunders is a Chiropractor,

but he isn’t interested in a quick solution to the problems of life.  

“The immediate fix is a big lie.”  

His journey to where he is now has been a long, difficult, and exciting path of discovery and learning and leaping. Dr.Jon knew that he saw things a little differently than those around him as a teenager, but it didn’t become clear until university when he discovered he could match his values with a possible career. He believes that he is made to be in service to others because for Dr.Jon, the secret to a fulfilled life is to lead a life in service based on passion. He has a growing Practice, but there is still so much more to learn and experience.  

“I’m way in the process, I’m deep in the process.” 

From this conversation you’re going to be encouraged to take a passion you have and turn it around in service to others. You’re going to here what its like to have a business grow and why you should take some crazy leaps along the way to make your dream a reality…all while learning to balance career and family life at home. I’m inspired by Dr.Jon’s love for the human body and how that grew his love for the human soul.   

“Simplification is one of the keys to being happy." 

Alex StreetComment