What Do You Want?


We can spend all our lives focusing on the things we can do and get. We can be a firefighter, or an actor, or a teacher. We can get a house, some cars, and some great vacations. 

But none of that matters if we don't know what we want.  We're not talking about wanting the new toy, but what is deep down inside you that you want beyond what you can see and touch. 

When you know what you want to do, you'll begin discovering what you're made to do.

But that's not it. After you figure out what you want deep down inside, you still need to make a choice to move. 

This episode is about the abstract and concrete. Theory and action. 

This week we talk about what you want and what you're going to do now. 

You may know where you're going but you still have to choose to move.

Alex StreetComment