Natalie is Made for Midwifery


“This isn’t just another night for me at work, this is something significant for this family."

Natalie catches babies, she’s a midwife. She ‘helps people out’, as it were. She has been a midwife now for 8 years and has caught a ridiculous amount of tiny humans as they make their arrival into this world.  

“I don’t think I fully comprehended how big of a job it would be.” 

This is the kind of conversation I imagined when we came up with this podcast, getting a glimpse into the lives of people that you typically don’t get to see beyond the work they do. Natalie is gracious with me as she lets me into her world, and her mind as she goes through the heroic daily grind of coming alongside women in their greatest time of need.  

“It’s pretty weird, but it’s also my normal.” 

Looking back, she sees themes in her life and can remember specific moments that piqued her interest in this world, some of which are kind of unusual for most kids, but thankfully, those are the moments that led her down this path with unashamed stubbornness to be a midwife and help bring life into this world.

This story is for anyone trying to find that ‘thing’ they are made for, I believe Natalie will inspire you to dig into your own story and find the moments that just might be leading you in a certain direction.  

“The reasons why I do the job now are very different from why I wanted to do the job and what I thought the job would be.” 

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