Megan is Made to Photograph People


"Have you ever heard of a bride asking to take her photographer's picture?"

MegElizabethLow on Instagram

Megan describes herself as a dreamer, a space cadet, and an introvert. She is trying to figure out what to do with the new ideas floating through her head constantly while her kids want her to watch them do things like jump off the couch, “I’ve realized that jumping off the couch is more important than my burning little idea.” 

If you feel like you don’t have enough experience or time or talent to start doing what you’re made for, this conversation will surely help you realize that none of that matters when you are doing what you’re made to do…you make it work.  

I love this conversation because of Meg’s authenticity, felt within the first few minutes of our talk, her honesty in opening up about the messy details of her life. This is a story of starting out, Meg has a great story of inspiration and friendship and supportive family, and discovering a dream then figuring out a way to make that a reality in the midst of being a young family in ministry.

In the show, Meg mentions two people with a huge impact on her journey, Kristy-Anne and Jen, you can find them here:

Kristy-Anne Swart on Instagram

RepurposedGems blog


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