Kathryn is Made to Break Free

Kathryn is a holistic coach, helping people up level their lives. She works with athletes, and all kinds of others helping them dig into their past and uncover what is shaping the limiting beliefs they carry with them today.

Is there anyone in life that has it ‘all together'?

How much does your story and your childhood affect your future?

And where does passion truly come from?

- Her Work -

Kathryn Ducey is the founder of Higher Athletes, and is a Holistic Life Coach helping people uplevel their lives. She’s big on story, she’s vulnerable, and wholly authentic as she shares and inspires in this conversation.

- Her Story -

Her story includes multiple jobs, a wide array of opportunities, falling backwards into an advertising career, quitting with no plan, numbing her pain through substance, confidently stepping into a role as a recruiter, and finding her power and her voice throughout so she can stand up and boldly help others through their journeys.

- Episode Summary -

She speaks today from a place of strong self-awareness. As Kathryn has opened herself up to self-development, to explore her own story, and explore the shared human story of all of us, she has helped hundreds of people along the way.

-Why You’ll Care-

Hers is a beautiful journey of self-awareness leading to confidently doing what she’s made for. Oh, and Kathryn has an incredible ability to make you feel like her story is your story, you will certainly be inspired in your own journey while listening to hers.

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