"E" is for Emotions

On this episode of Made For This we are going to conclude a four-part series to answer the question,

“Am I doing what I’m MADE for?” 

We will be looking at the fourth of four crucial questions to ask yourself, which conveniently create the acronym, MADE. Today, “What is your Emotional State?”

Let’s have a conversation about emotions.

Your emotions are at the root of every choice you make.

We’re finishing up a conversation that has taken place over 4 episodes of the podcast over these couple of months, it’s a conversation that I believe will bring great value to on your journey, and it begins by asking the question, “Am I doing what I’m made for?”

Today, we’ll explore that big topic by answering the question:

What is your emotional state? 

There are three elements in your life acting as powerful emotional detectors and deflectors. 




You can use these elements as measurements to detect what your emotional state really is. And you can use these elements as change agents to deflect what’s coming at you and shift your emotional state to what it needs to be so you can step forward. 

Body. Word. Vision.  

Are your emotions helping you move forward with confidence or are they acting as a barrier?

Alex StreetComment