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The conclusion of my conversation with Jay Whitelaw, the Founder and Executive Director of Givesome - an app transforming the world of charitable giving. 


Can we really make the process of giving more beneficial for everyone involved?

When you decide on a business plan, are you locked in to that idea, or should you leave room for adapting?

What question should you ask people if you really want your idea to work? 

Jay Whitelaw is a trying to change the way people interact with charitable giving. He is the founder and executive director at Givesome, an app that lets you see the impact your donations are having around the world.    

The first half of our conversation covered Jay’s story of eye-opening moments leading him to doing what he’s made for today. He is trying to connect the donor with the project in a transparent connection using today’s technology like nobody else in the charitable world, because he saw change in his own life when he experienced that connection. 

In our conversation today, Jay tells us about the difficulties of leaving a job to start something brand new. The failures he’s learned from along the way. And the people he had to get around him if this thing was going to fly. 

This is an honest conversation about what being an entrepreneur is really like. 

You’re gonna get a ton of value out of the second half of my conversation with Jay Whitelaw.

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