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Jay Whitelaw is the Founder and Executive Director of Givesome - an app that is transforming the world of charitable giving. 


Could one moment or experience really change everything for you?

What do you do with those ideas that are 5, 10, or 15 years old?

And can one person with an idea actually transform an entire industry?

Jay Whitelaw is a trying to change the way people interact with charitable giving. He is the founder and executive director at Givesome, an app that lets you see the impact your donations are having around the world.   

Like many of our guests, Jay’s story spans years of eye-opening moments and earth-shattering experiences leading him to doing what he’s made for today. He is trying to connect the donor with the project in a transparent connection using today’s technology like nobody else in the charitable world.

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In our conversation today, Jay brings us into his transformative story, one that you really have to hear to believe. And throughout his story he is wide open to dropping absolute gold nuggets of wisdom for anyone else on a similar journey. 

If you are interested in non-profit work, or you want to give money to something that matters, or you aren’t sure if you should take that leap and build that idea you’ve had, or you aren’t even sure if that idea that’s been sitting idle for 10 years is still relevant…Jay’s inspiring insight will help you take the next step for sure, whatever that may be. 

Episode Highlights:

“As we go, things become more and more clear.” - 7 mins

“You don’t need to be wealthy to make an impact.” 11 mins

“I have no idea if this is gonna work or not, but I can’t keep ignoring it.” - 16 mins

“I remember feeling, I gotta stop waiting for someone else to do this, I have to do this.” - 27 mins

“Wake up tomorrow morning and do one thing that will bring you one step closer to your goal.” 29 mins

“I can do one thing.” 29 mins

“It’s easy to think, someone else will do this. But I think you need to say, maybe it’s me.” 31 mins

“The you six months from now will be so much smarter than the you now.” 34 mins

“Things come into focus as you go.” - 35 mins


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