James is Made to See How Things Tick (p2)

The conclusion of my conversation with James Stacey, Senior Writer for Hodinkee.com, co-host of The Grey Nato podcast, photographer, and enthusiast of all things excellent. 


What’s more important, hard work or good work? 

How do you really make a career out of blogging? 

What does someone do after they just drove a car over 200km/h? 

James Stacey is a writer, photographer, and always curious world-traveller. He is a Senior Writer with Hodinkee.com, a watch blog with millions of readers, as well as a magazine for automotive, architecture and all kinds of other intricately fascinating worlds of design. James also co-hosts of the Grey Nato podcast, which explores a little bit of everything, again with a main focus on watches. 

James is enthusiastic, in a soft-spoken kind of way, about his work. In fact, you might say he’s obsessed with getting a good story, writing a great post, or capturing a perfect image to bring his audience into what he sees. 

The first half of our conversation covered James’ journey to being a renowned watch blogger, as well as letting him show off his skills a little bit as a watch expert. He’s the real deal, folks. 

In our conversation today, James brings us more into his experience of creating great work to get noticed. He challenges us with an attitude of excellence in your craft. And he tells us what goes through his mind as he’s driving the most powerful and extravagant cars on the planet.  

You’re gonna love this opportunity to dive more into the fascinating life of James Stacey…

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