James is Made to See How Things Tick (p1)

James is a photographer and a writer with Hodinkee.com, he is enthusiastic about exploring everything and bringing you into the world of well-made watches and the world’s most extraordinary cars.


Can you turn your niche passion into a career?

When is the right time to quit your day job?

And how much can you really write about something as small as watches? 

I think you’ll be surprised by the answers to these questions and many more as we dig into today’s conversation. 

James Stacey is a writer, photographer, and always-curious-world-traveller. He is a Senior Writer with Hodinkee.com, a watch blog with millions of readers, as well as a magazine for automotive, architecture and all kinds of other intricately fascinating worlds of design. James also co-hosts of the Grey Nato podcast, which explores a little bit of everything, again with a main focus on watches. 

So, how does someone get into this niche market? As you can imagine, there are sparks through James’ story of discovering the inner-working of watches, but it always comes back to his skills of writing and photography.

James’ enthusiasm is infectious. Whatever he talks about, I find I want to ask him more about. He is growing in his field, he is stepping boldly into the next opportunity as it comes, and he is absolutely loving the journey as he goes. 

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In our conversation today, James takes us through his story of getting into watches, and how he specifically worked his way up to make a full-time career out of this passion. Though you may not be a watch enthusiast, James’ story is incredibly relatable, as he brings us into what it takes to be aware of what you have and what is the right opportunity to move into. 

Plus, you’re going to love the end of this conversation when James shows off, talking all about the watch he is wearing. Seriously, it’s amazing. 

James is a great case study of putting your strengths, skills, and passion together to bring you into a specific, unique role that may just be what you’re made for. 

Episode Highlights:

“Nobody really JUST likes watches” 8 mins

“Watches are fun because there’s a practical element to it, people want to know what time it is.” 9 mins

“There was almost no leap of faith.” 16 mins

“I was holding myself back…by holding onto a day job.” 17 mins

“I felt like my work there was done.” 18 mins

“Change is great, it’s the only way to move forward.” 19 mins

“Change seems intimidating at the time.” 19 mins. 

“My passion is enthusiasm.” 20 mins

“It’s a huge community of watch collectors.” 26 mins

“Enthusiasm is highly infectious.” 27 mins


Instagram: @jestacey, @TheGreyNato

Apple Podcasts: The Grey Nato Podcast

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