How to: Understand the Enneagram with Beth McCord (p1)

Beth McCord is Your Enneagram Coach - she will help you discover what’s at your core and inspire you to be your best self. 


What is all this talk about the Enneagram? What even is an Enneagram?

How do I figure out my type? Like for real this time

And once I figure it out, then what am I supposed to do about that? 

Beth McCord is going to bring us into the transformational world of the Enneagram - a personality typing system - to help you discover what is motivating you to do what you do from way down in your core. Beth is Your Enneagram Coach, from, where she is making a huge impact in people’s lives by helping them finally understand why they think and act the way they do.

Not only that, but her work helps people understand why OTHER people think and act the way they do. If you find the tension keeps building between you and your own way of life, or you and your boyfriend, or you and your wife, or you and a co-worker, teacher, pastor, whomever it is - the Enneagram brings centuries-old wisdom to explore and embrace the many different personality types we see in this world. 


In our conversation today Beth shares a bit of her story discovering and doing what she’s made for, but as a Made For This Expert I have her on the show to really dive into the Enneagram and help clarify what it’s all about. Part 1 of this conversation covers all nine types on the surface, while part two has us going deeper on how knowing your type will apply directly to your life today and the journey of doing what you’re made for. 


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