"D" is for Drive

On this episode of Made For This we are going to continue a four-part series to answer the question,

“Am I doing what I’m MADE for?” 

We will be looking at the third of four crucial questions to ask yourself, which conveniently create the acronym, MADE. Today, “What is driving you forward?”

Let’s have a conversation about motivation.. 

Everything you do is motivated by something in your core.

Really, we’re continuing a conversation that will take place over 4 episodes of the podcast over these couple of months, it’s a conversation that I believe will bring great value to on your journey, and it begins by asking the question, “Am I doing what I’m made for?”

Today, we’ll explore that big topic by answering the question:

What is driving you forward? 

Motivation is not something you get from a Youtube video or snappy podcast, its something driving your actions and thoughts constantly.

But where does your motivation come from? Is it external motivation driving your forward, or internal?

Once you understand where the motivation is coming from, you get to tell it what to drive you towards.

We will talk about what ‘drive’ and motivation is all about. We will dig into these two types of motivation and go even deeper with some options to identify the internal driver

If the driver isn’t taking you where you want to go, change the driver.

Alex StreetComment