Tara is Made to Feed People (p1)

Tara is a chef trying to build authentic community by opening a cafe in small-town Ontario. 

Is it possible to find the job where your strengths, skills, and passions really do come together?

Does your life feel like there’s too many twists and turns to make any sense at all?

What do you do when the people you trust say something that knocks you off course?

Tara Warriner is a cafe-owner, a chef, a pastor (though might would say she isn’t), and a great storyteller. She has been on a journey so many of us can relate to over the past decade - changing college degrees a few months in, looking for deeper purpose in her work, quitting jobs because they just weren’t right, and moving across the country for a new opportunity.

When I meet up with her she has landed in Mt. Albert, Ontario to open the Lighthouse Cafe, a place for this small community to gather around good food and quality coffee and spend time with actual real-live people. 


In our conversation today, Tara takes us through the journey of becoming a chef, the pain of failure and the joy of getting back up, the weight of advice offered by mentors, and she opens us up on an honest story of discovering your strengths, skills and passions to do what she’s made for.   

She doesn’t hold back any details, and because of that, there will be a lot of little points for you to relate to, find value in, and be inspired by to move in your own life. 

Episode Highlights:

"I always say, I’m a chef by trade.” 3 mins

“I thought this is what I’m gonna do with my life, but i’m 2% off.” 9 mins

“They said, you’re always cooking, why don’t you just go to culinary school? And that terrified me.” 10 mins

“You’re replaceable, in the kitchen world you will be replaced if you don’t show up.” 11 mins

“it came more naturally to me than what I had realized.” 13 mins

“Within the first two weeks of starting that program I had come alive.” 14 mins

“I was excited to learn, I had found what I wanted to do.” 15 mins

“There are seasons where your job is just gonna suck.” 16 mins

“When I thought of ministry I thought of a missionary or a pastor.” 19 mins

“Who’s ever heard of a pastoral chef.” 20 mins 


Instagram: @lighthousecafe_ma

Facebook: Lighthouse Cafe

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