Christian is Made for Magic (p2)

The conclusion of my conversation with the Magician, Christian Au

This is part two of a conversation started earlier this week with a Magician and full-time University student, Christian Au. 

In the first part Christian talked about his passion, the Magician’s code, and a little about learning the craft. 

But I had more questions, like, 

How does a magician find a gig?

When do you decide to turn pro?

And why are people so receptive to magic?

Plus, at the end of the show, Christian will actually perform some podcast magic on me, it’s a great Made For This first! 


Episode Highlights:

“I’m at a point of re-branding how I want my magic to feel and look.” 4 mins 

“It’s better to do that, than to not do it at all.” 11 mins

“It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to achieve the end goal.” 13 mins

“Most magicians think more about what’s cool for them instead of what the audience will see.” 14 mins

“Nobody’s gonna know that you have this skill or this passion if you don’t perform for people.” 17 mins

“You need that confidence as if you’ve done the trick a million times even though its your first time.” 18 mins

“You could be a poor performer but if you do a really cool card trick, that’s already elevating people’s perception of you.” 24 mins

“If something doesn’t work out in the beginning, don’t be disappointed.” 27 mins


Instagram: @chrisxau

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