Christian is Made for Magic (p1)

Christian Au is bringing a wonder, surprise, and meaning to this world through his magic. 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a magician? 

Where does that passion come from to keep performing for people?

And if the tricks are secret, how do you learn them?!

Christian Au is a magician trying to make his mark in the industry and turn this passion into a sustainable occupation. In this first half of the conversation we’ll talk about his process of discovery, and get into some of the wonders of performing magic for people.

Like so many other creative and performance careers, becoming a Magician is about learning a craft, becoming a master, putting in the hard work to make it look like its easy. 


In our conversation today Christian goes into where the love for magic comes from, the desire to perform, and if the Magician’s Code really does keep people from passing tricks on. 

Episode Highlights:

“It started when I was twelve.” 9 mins

“There is no magician’s code.” 12 mins

“Learning magic at first is just recycling other people’s stuff.” 16 mins

“It’s not about trying to achieve perfection but about achieving personal satisfaction.” 16 mins

“it’s really really hard to create new material because there’s so much good stuff that already exists.” 19 mins

“The overall stage presence is something that continues to develop.” 20 mins

“I had a mentor who taught me magic tricks.” 26 mins

“I can bring happiness to someone’s day through a trick.” 27 mins


Instagram: @chrisxau

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