Iain is Made to be Mayor (p2)

The conclusion of my conversation with Iain Lovatt, the Mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville. 

During the first half of the conversation, Iain brought us into the journey to become the elected Mayor of this town. It’s a weird and unexpected ride, that he simply opened himself up to as he went. 

In the second half of this conversation, Iain brings us in to the daily workings of life as a Mayor, and opens up his vision for this great community even more. 

Whitchurch Stouffville is just a town of 50,000 people

But I love getting an inside look at what it takes to become the mayor, from the mindset, to the drive, the skillset, and mostly the teamwork necessary every day - this conversation could be with a politician on the provincial or federal scale and it would still have the same themes running through it of discovery, direction, and doing the thing. 

What I love most of all is Iain’s determination to prioritize his family, and to bring a team around him. My friends, if you’re on track for politics, or you want to get involved, or you are staying far away, you still need to focus on your family and get a team around you.  


Episode Highlights:

“Generally speaking, people are pretty apathetic in Canada when it comes to elections.” 3 mins

“I don’t have to know all the answers, and I don’t have to pretend that I do, and that’s key.” 11 mins

“I’m never the smartest person in the room” 12 mins

 “I’ve set some expectations for myself in this job, and with my family, because I know politics is fickle and I could be voted out in 4 years time.” 14 mins

“This job is a lot of meetings.” 16 mins

“Visions evolve, whether its a vision for your life, or a business, or a municipality…” 18 mins

“I stand on the shoulders of people that have gone before me.” 21 mins

“Get off your keyboard and show up at a council meeting.” 25 mins

“Don’t be surprised when you find and easter egg.” 26 mins  


Instagram: @mayoriainlovatt

Facebook: @mayorlovatt

Website: townofws.ca

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