Iain is Made to be Mayor (p1)

Iain Lovatt is the Mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville.

He didn’t expect life to go this way, but he is loving every minute of it. 

Mayor Lovatt of Whitchurch-Stouffville sits down with me in his chambers (office) with a coffee and a wide open conversation about what it’s really like to be the Mayor, to go through the grind of a campaign, to react to the changes life brings your way, and to put family and community as priority through it all. I’m really just so curious throughout this conversation, as I’ve never been anywhere close to holding political office, I take this conversation as an opportunity to ask everything I’ve ever wanted to about the life of the Mayor. 

This conversation is an open door to the life of the Mayor, my friends. 


Iain is 48 years old, with an unexpected journey that led to this moment. Has Iain always thought of being Mayor, or running for office? Absolutely not, in fact he says, “I had no political aspirations ever, growing up…it’s been a process that’s evolved over time.”

At this point in life there is no doubt this is what he’s made for. His journey is a fantastic picture to study and rest in, whatever stage you may be at in life, to know that what you’re doing right now may not be what you’re doing in 5 years and what you’re doing later in life may surprise you. 

Enjoy part one of this chat, all about the journey to get into office - from the days of college wanting to be a teacher, to knocking on doors during the campaign. Part two will drop in a couple of days.  

Episode Highlights:

“I fell more in love with our municipality, and the people that are in it, and wanted the opportunity to serve them.” 14 mins

“I had to try.” 16 mins

“I’m having a celebration party no matter what. If I win, awesome. But if I lose, its been an incredible experience and I’m better for it.” 18 mins

“[my mentor] helped me see things from a different perspective” 22 mins

“It’s important that as a team we are on the same page.” 27 mins

“The decisions we make today will impact my grandkids, and there’s a huge responsibility there.” 29 mins

“I had no political aspirations ever, growing up…it’s been a process that’s evolved over time.” 30 mins

“I’ve got way more influence than I ever thought I would have, and the weight of that is pretty heavy.” 32 mins 


Instagram: @mayoriainlovatt

Facebook: @mayorlovatt

Website: townofws.ca

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